Default Sender ID for Bulk SMS Sent Within Malaysia Network

Default Sender ID for Bulk SMS Sent Within Malaysia Network

Malaysian Celcos (Maxis, Celcom and Digi) implemented the rule of Bulk SMS Sender ID for which all outgoing SMS terminating to Malaysian network has been defaulted to a 5-digit short code numbers Sender ID. However, for International destination mobile numbers will still carry the user defined Sender ID. The default Sender ID policy was introduced by MCMC on 7 August 2007.

The purpose of implementing the default 5-digit short code Sender ID is to prevent mobile spamming incident of sending unsolicited commercial communication to mobile users using bulk sms marketing channel.

Instead of displaying the user defined sender ID to mobile users, each bulk sms received at mobile users, will be shown as sending from a series of different 5-digit short code depends on the Celcos. In other words, all Sender ID will be started with 6XXXX. Nevertheless, Umobile subscribers and International destination number will still able to see the user-defined Sender ID that the sender key into the bulk sms marketing system.

Bulk SMS customers (sender) are advised to key in at least one user-defined Sender ID when sending SMS even the Sender ID is restricted. The re-routing process (to change the Sender ID to 5-digit short code number) is handled automatically and is transparent to user. Eventually, we advised customers to include their Sender Id or Identity in the message body. Our system also allows customers to save the message body as template to ease in the process of drafting sms message.

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